Digital Awareness for Families


Description: This day-long course is delivery by former Canadian National Security and Public Safety experts in the field of cyber security.  The course is intended to provides families - parents and their children - with critical knowledge and skills they'll need to navigate the 21st century digital environment without exposing themselves to necessary risks.  The learning by doing method will use your current devices and services as the starting point and develop awareness of the environment, common threats, and key safeguards.

Key Topics:

  • Digital environment
  • Common security threats
  • Digital profile
  • Safeguards and mitigation measures

Duration: 1 day

Minimum: 6 participants

Maximum: 12 participants

Price: $245 per person or $350 per family (1 adult & 1 youth)

Location: The Schoolhouse 2.0 Experiential Learning | 4010 County Rd 29, RR#4, Brockville, ON K6V 5T4


  • Schoolhouse 2.0 Member

Special Requirements:

  • Bring your own laptop or mobile device